Situated 10 km absent on the Berasia Road, bhopal history the notorious amalgamation Carbide plant (the toxic chat leak reasoning the most horrible manufacturing tragedy in1984), Islamnagar is a little pastoral group of people standard for the fortress of Bhopal's Afghan leaders make by Dost Mohammed Khan. Estate encircle the stronghold and the exhibition region. The exhibition area, a combination of Hindu and Islamic ornamental ability, has pillars abundantly decked by way of flower-patterned decoration. Other imperative memorial are the hamam (bath’s place) of the Chaman Mahal and the dual storied Rani Mahal.


Islamnagar was the bastion of Bhopal's Afghan sovereign and was assemble by Dost Mohammed Khan. prescribed grounds enclose the stronghold and exhibition area. The last, a creation of Hindu and Islamic pleasing to the eye sculpture, has feature sumptuously larger-than-life amid flower-patterned patterns.

Islamnagar's prior first name was Jagdishpur and its most recent monarch Devda Chauhan was the Rajput Chieftain. In 1715 A.D. Dost Mohammad Khan perfidiously massacred the tribal chief and his armed forces and subsequent to incarcerate Jagdishpur renamed it Islamnagar. By 1720 A.D., the complete Bhopal province get nearer underneath him and he come up to to be identified as the creator of Bhopal State. Islamnagar was the center of Bhopal situation preceding to the edifice of the fortification at Bhopal.


The second Nawab of the position, Yaar Mohammad Khan renovate the stronghold at this time. He breathe your last breathing in 1742 A.D. and was covered at this time. In 1808 A.D. these provinces get nearer underneath the announcement of the Scindhias and Islamnagar stay behind less than their tenure cultivate 1817 A.D. Nawab Gaus Mohammad Khan's daughter, Gauhar Begum was matrimonial to Nazar Mohammad Khan in 1818 A.D. and their no more than offspring was Sikandar Jehan Begum. Nazar Mohammad Khan depart this life in Islamnagar subsequent to a handgun went inedible accidently. In 1835 A.D. Sikandar Jehan Begum, the descendant of Qudasia Begum was marry to Jahangir Mohammad Khan, but owing to stressed relationships by the later Qudasia Begum and Sikandar Jehan Begum gone Bhopal and start in on to hang about at Islam nagar. Here Sikandar Jehan Begum furnish confinement to Shahjahan Begum who was to turn out to be the 11 sovereign of Bhopal State. Sikandar Jehan Begum be in this world here in the midst of her care for and spawn till 1844 A.D.

The majority very important of the headstone at Islam nagar embrace Chaman, Rani and Gond Mahal. The Chaman Mahal has a stately or bathing place and a exceptionally striking patch industrial in Charbagh manner of the Mughals, which is single of the especially a small number of Mughal precincts positioned in mid India. The palaces now represent an incorporation of the Rajput, Mughal and Malwa modes of structural intend. The weighty of Nawab Yaar Mohammad Khan and Nazar Mohammad Khan are placed crosswise the tributary.


Sardar Dost Mohammad Khan make this fort in 1715 A.D. He was an Afghan warrior of Mughal royal leader Aurangzeb and was the organizer of Bhopal situation. 

This fort is enclosed by an inclusion divider and has 2 openings. A Sheesh Mahal by way of 12 entrances is to be found in close proximity to the doorway. A Charbagh model backyard in Mughal approach is located in the centre of this fortress.

                In front of the plot is a red brickwork display place having a marble latticed display something like it. Hollow adorned in the midst of flower-patterned motifs, pillared baradari, as in good health as temporary somewhere to live through unfasten patio can be seen in facade of it. Dost Mohammed Khan is believed to comprise demeanors his executive commerce in the baradari. To the opposite the south a hammam is manufactured in Mughal modes. Nearby is solitary salad dressing opportunity in it. The most important opportunity can be come within reach of from beginning to end covered passages, somewhere dampen reservoir are put up on 3 elevations. A copper laminate is unchanging at the pedestal of one dampen tank lower than which a heating system is assemble for on condition that sizzling water.

The succeeding floorboard of the fort is horizontal enclosed, which has 2 chhatris on whichever area. The planning of this fortress is a miscellaneous form of later Mughal, Rajput and Malwa styles. It has been built by using red sandpaper pebble, kakaiya piece and emerald. The manner of the sports ground is predominantly distinguishing of the testament of near the beginning Bhopal sovereigns.


The scorch Bagh of Islmanagar is solitary of the exceedingly hardly any case in points of the Char Bagh manner of Mughal garden in innermost India.

The institution of the walled ecstasy plot goes backside to the Persian realm underneath Cyrus the enormous to Timur of vital Asia and in India to Babar the original Mughal leader. The estate are differentiate by a geometrically arrange out arrange with zenith and outgrowth vegetation, bushes and flora in particular balanced contrive by way of a hose down way, preordained not presently to hose down, excluding to fresh and give pleasure to the observer. In India, the famous Mughal precincts of Kashmir are Nishat Bagh, Shalimar, Chashma Shahi, Verinag and Acchabal. The extra identified ones are in Pinjore or near Chandigarh, Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Jdaipur and Aurangabad. And then in attendance are the patch of Lahore, Kabul, Samarkand, Bukhara, Isfahan, Herat and Shiraz. 

                Chaman Mahal describe commencing the stretched convention of Mughal gardens among which Dost Mohammed would have been able-bodied aware. Situate in the conventional crisscross design of the Char Bagh, it is normally laid not at home into cubicle in the midst of miniature puddle all the way through which water flows in the midst of a downhill anxiety, irrigating vegetation and flourish beds at position devel by the use of analytically laid out waterway and runnels. spring send out and fresh the heavens. All this is appreciable to the innermost Asian and Persian beginning illustrate prior. Smooth despite the fact that Chaman Mahal is a exceptionally diminutive graden put side by side to the renowned Mughal private grounds of Kashmir, it is on the other hand a exceptional demonstration in ths measurement of the kingdom of a splendid practice disappearing backside to supplementary than two thousands living.


This is the oldest fort at situate, which was below ownership of Gond Rulers cultivate the establishment of 18 century. At that moment in time this position was notorious as Jagdishpur. The last ruler of this position was a Chauhan Chieftain Narsingh Devara. at the split second the stronghold establish in remains.

                It has been erect in a amalgamation of Gond and Malwa structural styles. Its foremost opening opening is east in front of in have frontage on of which position a mammoth defender. This 3 storeyed structure is separated into 2 components. The original divisions consists of an unfasten quad in the mid, vaulted verandahs, inhabited momentary somewhere to live, pillared conference hall and a small holy place. The succeeding division consists of a pastime space, bath places, waterpump, gaushala, stable, stud farm, and tanks with cascade, a rectangular backyard and flower-patterned layouts. The floorboards unfasten not at home in the north and south to garden. Here is a dampen luggage compartment reservoir put up on the 3 floorboards. It has semicircle through flower-patterned motifs, ornamented columns and latticed apertures. They are completed up of firewood. kakaiva bricks and olive big gun.


                This stronghold was erected by Dost Mohammad khan in the year 1720 to dole out as a abode of his wife. tinted lenses of the Rajput, Mughal and the Malwa procedure of construction are manifest at this point.

Its west opposite doorway door is finished of firewood. close to is an unfasten square. The vaulted verandahs and 4 rooms are made on what's more planes of this square. This 3 storeyed construction is move toward into from end to end a little doorway attendance. A rectangular quad is positioned in the mid. miniature and large suburban rooms, ornamented with archway and prop, are manufactured on the 1st story. A baradari is furthermore to be found to the north of the quad, which is decked out amid hollow of flower-patterned motifs. Their complex columns have volute multifold semicircles behavior piece of paper and flower garland in the Rajput and Mughal combination approach. The multi-foil semicircle and These architectural motifs are famous as is the serviceable construction of the bath place (hammam) in Chaman Mahal.

There are release verandahs and 4 rooms on the succeeding flooring. solitary chhatri is made on the 3 floor, which has a arched crown, at the same time as the further 2.

This reinforcement divider was manufactured by the Gond sovereign in regarding 15 century, when this consign was branded as Jagdishpur. This reinforcement barricade hand round the rationale of the safeguard of the stronghold as fighting fit as of the capital.

These buttressing dividers are 1.5 meters chunky and envelop an locale of 3.3 hectares. Hexagonal and octagonal bastion of 5 meters distance is made at positive hiatus. These citadel are 3 storeyed. Guards until the end of time worn to be situationd there for safekeeping justification. The rooms were in addition second-hand for the luggage compartment of armaments and ammunitions. There are 3 doorway gates to this position, where combatant chaukis are manufacture.

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